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Southern Pacific GS4



During the "Golden Age of Railroading," which followed the Great Depression, the Southern Pacific, like many American railroad, ordered new, more colorful streamlined trains to attract new passengers.  The SP's spectacular scenic coast line from Los Angeles to San Francisco required something special.  This need was realized with the introduction of the "Coast Daylight," which some have called "the most beautiful trains in the world." 


Lima Locomotive Works' experimental GS Super Power 4-8-4 locomotives were combined with Pullman's new light weight cars and painted in a distinctive red, orange and black scheme to create this luxury train.  The powerful Northern locomotive could cruise at 70 miles per hour and haul a 14 car train unassisted up a 2.2% grade through the mountains.  Best known were the GS4s with their 80 inch drivers and unique twin headlights, one of which oscillated.


Aster chose to model what is the most famous of all GS4s, No. 4449.  She was called out of retirement from a park in Portland, Oregon, where the affection and care of local rail fans had kept her in good shape for restoration.  During the American Bicentennial celebration, this locomotive was the primary motive power for the American Freedom Train and painted in a red, white and blue livery.


After her patriotic duties were completed, she was repainted in her resplendent Daylight colors and hauled a train of rail fans from Seattle, Washington to the New Orleans World Fair. Locomotive No. 4449 is housed in the Brooklyn Roundhouse, Portland, Oregon and operates on special occasions for fan trips.  




Scale/Gauge: 1/32. No. 1 Gauge (45 mm)


Total Weight: 19.4 kg.  (Engine 11.4 kg. + Tender 8.0 kg.)



Length: ob. 1.044 mm (Engine 624 mm + Tender 440 mm)

Width: Engine 104 mm, Tender 106 mm

Height: Engine 156 mm, Tender 145 mm


Wheel Arrangement: 

4-8-4 (all wheels insulated on both sides)

Drivers: Dia. 62 mm with stainless steel tires and equalized spring action.

Drivers axles: Miniature ball bearings x 8


Minimum Radius: 3 meters




Engine Cylinders: 

Two Cylinders, Bore 15 mm x Stroke 22mm, Steam Port 1.5 mm, Lap 1.2 mm, Valve Travel 5.4 mm, Cut-off 80.2%

Valve Gears: Walschaert's with screw reverser


Boiler Type: 

Locomotive Type with one Dia. 20 mm Fire tube and two dia. 15 mm fire tubes

Water Capacity:  460 cc at 80% full

Normal Pressure: 3.5 to 4.5 kg/cm2

Fittings:  2 x Safety Valves, Throttle Valve, Blower Valve, Pressure Gauge, Water Gauge, Whistle with its valve and depressuring tube, By-pass Valve, and Water Check Valve


Feed Water Pumps:

(A) Axle Driven Pump mounted on trailing driver. Pump Ram 6 mm x Stroke 6 mm

(B) Hand Operating Pump in Tender Water Tank.  Pump Ram 10 mm x Stroke 16 mm


Lubricator Type:  Roscoe Displacement type, mounted under the left-hand running board


Tender Water Tank:  

Capacity 750 cc., Hand Pump mounted

Fuel Tank:  

Capacity 450 cc of methanol


Alcohol Burner:  Manger Type Wick Burner (with vaporizing effect).




D.C. Motor X 1:   

Rated Voltage 12 V. 

Rated Ampere 2 A. 

Speed 5,200 rpm.


Transmission System: 

Spur Gears (Wheels free to rotate)

Gears Ratio: 1:19 (from motor to driving wheels)

Engine Speed: 56 meter / minute (average)

Drawbar Pull: 1.3 kg. at tender



Rated Voltage 1.5, Rated Ampere 0.9 A (0.09 x 10 pcs.)



1 X Headlight 1.5 V x 100 m A

1 x Mars Light 1.5 V x 100 m A (2 Filament bulb)

2 x Classification Lights 1.5 V X 100 m. A

2 x Number Board Lights 1.5 V x 100 m. A



2 x Marker Lights 1.5 V x 100 m. A

1 x Back-up Light 1.5 V x 100 m. A




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