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UP Challenger #3985

Specifications for Aster UP Challenger 3985 and 3977

Scale/Gauge 1/32 Gauge one (45 mm)  
Weight with tender 35.5 lbs. (dry)
Length 1140mm  
Width 105mm  
Height 154mm  
Wheel Arrangement 4-6-6-4 
Driving Wheel 52.5mm  Equalized
Pilot and Trailer Truck Wheel 27mm  Equalized
Tender Truck Wheel 32mm  
Axle Driven Pump fitted 
Cylinder Bore 13 mm  Ram Stroke 24 mm  
Cylinder drain cocks Functional via control levers from locomotive cab
Valve type Piston Valves
Valve Gear Walschaert's, controlled by Johnson bar
Boiler Type C type  / 11 flues, superheater
Burner Type Vertical ceramic wick tubes
Water Capacity 750ml/80%  
Boiler Fittings Regulator& blower valves, superheater, gauge glass, pressure gauge, whistle valve, water level gauge, blow down valve  
Boiler water feed Twin eccentric axle pumps
Lubricator Roscoe displacement type  
Tender Hand operation pump (BORE 11 mm STROKE 12 mm) 
Water Tank Capacity 1000ml  
Fuel Methyl alcohol  
Fuel Capacity 800 ccm  
Minimum Radius 2.0 m 

Additional Appliances: water gauge glass, pressure gauge, gauge glass blow down, by-pass valve, blower valve, regulator valve, LED headlight, opening fire door, whistle.

Tender: Centipede type, Removable fuel tank, Fuel capacity 800 ccm, Fuel line shut off valve, Quick release tender / locomotive coupler, Water fain plug, RC battery and receiver storage compartment, Hand pump.

Pre-Production Photos courtesy of Aster Hobby 

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