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Baldwin B1 Rear Tank (1981 edition)


By the early part of the 20th century, North America already had vast experience in producing logging railroads and steam logging locomotives.  In 1907, when constructing railroads in Japan, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry decided to import a Baldwin 0-4-2 tank engine and a 2-cylinder Shay geared locomotive so that their performances could be compared.  The Baldwin was judged to be the victor, partly because it had a wider firebox that was more suitable for wood-burning.  It was also found to be easier to maintain for the Japanese railroad personnel who were more familiar with the rod type locomotive than the gear-driven Shay.  Several years later the Baldwin 0-4-2T engines were imported to Japan for employment on logging railroad and were quickly nicknamed ‘Lilliputians in the Woods’.


Aster has faithfully reproduced one of the Baldwin engines built for a Japanese logging railroad in 1907.  These little 0-4-2T locomotives were used throughout the United States, most commonly on sugar plantations in the South, as well as Hawaii.  They may also have seen use in small-scale logging and mining applications, just as they were later on in Japan.  Aster has produced this locomotive in two versions – one in overall black and another with a Russian Iron boiler.  They also offer two choices of smoke stacks, a Ruston and a Diamond type.




Scale/Gauge:             1/20.  No 1 Gauge (45 mm)

Weight:                       2 kg (4.4 lbs)

Dimensions:              Length 298.5 mm (11.7 inches)

                                    Width 105 mm (4.1 inches)

                                    Height 134 mm (5.3 inches_


Wheel Arrangement:   0-4-2T

Dimension of Drivers: 36 mm

Cylinders & Pistons:  Two Cylinders - Bore 8.4 mm x Stroke 13 mm.  Teflon Pistons

Valve Type:                 Slip Eccentric


Boiler Type:                Fire Tube Boiler

            Capacity:         110 ml

            Fittings:           2 x Safety Valves, Regulator Valve, Blower Valve,  Pressure Gauge,

 Water Gauge, Water Check Valve


Lubricator:       Roscoe Displacement Type

Burner:             4 Wick Tube Alcohol Burner

Fuel:                 Alcohol (Denatured Alcohol)



A review of the Baldwin B1 Rear Tank by Marc Horovitz







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