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JNR Mogul 8550 

The prototypes for this locomotive were manufactured by the Schenectady Works of the American Locomotive Company in the United States from 1899 to 1907.  The former Kyushu Railway Company in Japan imported these locomotives to modernize the line to the European and North American standards.  For fifty years about 60 of these locomotives were used successfully on both passenger and freight trains in Kyushu.  Following nationalization they were also used in the Sanyo and Kinki district.


The Aster model of the JNR Mogul was easily converted to an American prototype by adding a cow catcher, automatic couplers and fitting a leading truck to the tender. The photograph above illustrates an Americanized version, while the drawing below shows the JNR version.  



Scale, Gauge:  1/30, 45 mm

Net Weight:  3.1 kg


Length:  520 mm

Width:  92 mm

Height: 124 mm


Wheel Arrangement:  1 C (2-6-0, 230) Mogul

Drivers:  Dia. 45 mm

Cylinder:  Single Cylinder, Bore 13 mm x Stroke 20 mm

Valve Gears:  Slip Eccentric


Boiler Type:  Smithie's Type Boiler

Capacity:  150 ml

Fittings:  Safety Valve x 2, Regulator, Blower Valve, Check Valve

Lubricator:  Roscoe Displacement Type


Fuel:  Methylated Alcohol

Burner:  Alcohol Burner with Three Wick Tubes

Tender Fuel Tank Capacity:  75 ml

Minimum Radius:  3 m





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