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L&M Lion

as preserved 


Titfield Thunderbolt version

LION 0-4-2

One of the oldest working steam locomotives in the world is the 0-4-2 Lion, which was built in 1838 by Todd, Kitson & Lair of Leeds for the Liverpool and Manchester Railway.  Twenty-one years later, it was sold to Mersey Docks along with other old engines and for the next seventy years it worked as a stationary pumping engine. 

The Lion was forgotten until it was accidentally re-discovered in 1927.  The Lion was then rescued and taken to the Crewe Works of the London Midland and Scottish Railway, where it was overhauled and restored, as far as possible, to the original condition as a working railway locomotive.  Since then it has taken part in various railway anniversary celebrations and has also appeared in several films.   

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additional historical background on Lion. 

Lion on display at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

Aster Lion Video

 An essay and review by Richard Finlayson of the Aster Lion

Watch the Titfield Thunderbolt (1952) Movie

The Aster Lion is a great value and a good choice for the live steam newcomer. Many kits have been successfully assembled by both novices and experienced builders.  Similar in both size and novelty as the "Grasshopper," this small locomotive is available in two paint schemes: "as preserved" and as featured in the Titfield Thunderbolt, the 1953 Ealing Comedy film. 




Scale/Gauge:  1/30, 45 mm (No. 1 Gauge)

Weight:  5.6 kg (3 1/2 lbs)



Length: 325 mm (13 inches)

Width:  93 mm (3.1/2 inches)

Height:  130 mm (5.12 inches)


Wheel Arrangement:  0-4-2

Driving Wheel:  Dia 46 mm

Trailer Truck Wheel.  Dia. 34 mm

Tender Wheel:  34 mm


Engine:  A single cylinder with D-Slide Valve.  Bore 10 mm x Stroke 14 mm.

Valve Gear:  Valve Travel 4 mm, Cut-Off 75%

Boiler Type:  C Type Boiler

Water Capacity:  60cc at 70% Full Working Pressure 3-4 kg/cm.

Alcohol Tank:  56 cc.  Water Inlet if fitted in the tender.

Two Wick:  Tube Alcohol Burner


Minimum Radius:  1.2 m ( 4 feet)



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