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Baldwin B1 Rear Tank (2009)

Baldwin B1 Rear Tank (2009)


Early in the 1900's the transportation needs in the Japanese forestry industry required small steam locomotives. A new US built Tank locomotive was introduced by Baldwin of Philadelphia. Originally produced for agricultural duty, these 0-4-2 locomotives came soon into service with the Tsugaru logging railways in 1906. The Kiso Forest Railways also purchased several of these adaptable B1 tank engines and operated them until the early 1960's , when they were replaced by Diesels. The prototype of this Baldwin B1 is still preserved in operational condition.


Aster Hobby Japan has chosen to model this locomotive primarily for their domestic market.  A total of 125 will be produced. This version is a complete re-design of the Baldwin Tank plantation locomotive produced by Aster in 1981.


It is offered in a basic un-detailed version with slip eccentric reversing gear, or with working Stephenson reversing gear and full cosmetic detail kit.  The locomotive is alcohol fired and features an axle feed water pump and removable alcohol tank.


Scale / Gauge:  1:20 (G scale)  / 45 mm

Weight:  2.19 Kg (5 lbs)

Length: 279 mm (11 inches)

Width: 105 mm (4.13 inches

Height: 104.5 mm (4.11 inches)


Wheel Arrangement: 0-4-2T

Driving wheel diameter: 36 mm

Pilot and Trailing wheel diameter: 28 mm

Minimum Turning radius: 0.55 meter


Axle driven feed water pump

2 cylinders with D slide valve, bore 10mm x stroke 14mm

Slip eccentric  / or optional Stephenson valve gear

C-type boiler / 110 ml capacity

Boiler fittings: Safety valve, super heater, pressure gauge, water gauge glass, regulator valve and blower valve, Roscoe displacement lubricator


Fuel: Methylated alcohol

Fuel capacity: 67 ml


Specifications subject to change




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