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BR 9F 'Evening Star’ 2-10-0



No. 92220 - Evening Star in lined BR Green

with polished brightwork


KIT and Factory BUILT 



Pilot Model Photos by Peter Trinder

Pilot Model Photo by Andrew Pullen

Note: the above photos are of the pilot model. 

The tender is incorrect and the smoke box number plate is wrong. Other details may need changing.


An unlettered “kit only” version was available in black livery as a preproduction order



Evening Star No. 92220 - National Railway Museum, York, UK  - photo by Adrian Brodie

Evening Star No. 92220 - GWR Museum, Swindon, UK  - photo by Adrian Brodie


BR F9 Prototype History and Specifications


British Railways  No. 92220.  'Evening Star' Class 9F  2-10-0

Driving wheels 5’ diameter

Two cylinders 20” diameter x 28” stroke.

Boiler Pressure 250 lb/in. 

Tractive effort 39,670 lbs.


'Evening Star' was the last steam British Railway locomotive to be built.  This BR Class 9F, designed at Derby under the direction of R. A. Riddles, was built in 1960 at Swindon. This was British Railways’ final and probably their most successful design.  A total of 251 of this class were built to haul heavy freight traffic, but when required, they successfully worked express trains such as the “Pines Express.”  


"I am sure it has been truly said that no other product of man's mind has ever exercised such a compelling hold upon the public's imagination as the steam locomotive. No other machine in its day has been a more faithful friend to mankind nor has contributed more to the growth of industry in this the land of its birth and indeed throughout the whole world... Those who have lived in the steam age of railways will carry the most nostalgic memories right to the end."  

R. F. Hanks – March 18, 1960 - Swindon, Wiltshire, UK at the naming ceremony for the ‘Evening Star.’


You Tube Videos


Evening Star and the 9F's in the 1960's


Aster 9F - filmed by Markus Nesser


Aster 9F - filmed by Geoff Calver



The 9F Steam Locomotive Site


A Web site is dedicated to 92214, an ex-British Railways Class 9F steam locomotive,

restored to working order at the Midland Railway - Butterley,

and presently running at the East Lancashire Railway




RIDDLES CLASS 9F 2-10-0 (Locomotives in Detail)

by David Clarke


The single largest class of new locomotive to be constructed after the Nationalization of Britain's railroads in 1948, the 251 representatives of the Riddles-designed Class 9F 2-10-0 were amongst the most powerful steam locomotives ever constructed in the United Kingdom.  First introduced in 1954, these impressive locomotives were destined never to fulfill their true potential as, in 1955, the Modernization Plane foreshadowed the complete elimination of steam traction from Britain's railroads. Construction of the class continued until 1960, when No 92220 Evening Star became the last main line steam locomotive to be constructed for use by BR. By this date, however, it was clear that the class was destined to have a relatively short life and, by the final withdrawal of main line steam in August 1968, many of the class had been withdrawn after less than a decade in service.  Designed primarily for heavy freight traffic, where they performed superbly on services such as the iron ore duties from Tyne Dock to Consett, the '9Fs' were equally at home on passenger turns. Amongst the lines that were to see the class regularly hauling passenger trains was the ever-popular Somerset and Dorset line between Bournemouth and Bath.  


Hardcover: 96 pages  /  Ian Allan Publishing  (July 2007)


Specifications of Aster's BR 9F class


        Gauge:                                  1/32 – Gauge One 


        Total Length:                       627 mm (24.685 inches)

                                                       Engine 398 mm (15.669 inches)

                                                       Tender 229 mm (9.015 inches)

        Width:                                    86 mm (3.85 inches)

        Height:                                  125 mm (5 inches)


        Cylinders:                            2 Cylinders with Piston Valves

                                                       Drain Valve Bore: 13 mm x Stroke 22 mm

                                                       Valve stroke: 6 mm x 6 mm

                                                       Steam Port: 2 x 6


        Valve Gear:                         Walschaert, Valve Travel 66 mm, - Cut off 75% (full gear)


        Wheel Arrangement:         2-10-0

        Main Driving Wheel:          46.8 mm

        Leading  Truck Wheel:      28 mm


        Lubricator:                           Roscoe Displacement Type

        Axle Driven Pump:             Bore 5 mm x Ram Stroke 6 mm


        Boiler:                                   C Type with 8 mm water tube

        Boiler Capacity:                  Water 255 cc at 80% full

        Normal Working Pressure:       3-4 kg/sq. cm

        Burner:                                 3 Tube Alcohol Burner


        Controlling Features and Other Devices:

                        Regulator Valve,

                        Blower Valve

                        Reverser Handle

                        Drain Valve Handle

                        By-pass Valve

                        2 x Safety Valves

                        Blow-down valve

                        Water Gauge

                        Pressure Gauge

                        and Superheater


    Tender:                              Hand pump mounted

                                                Removable alcohol tank capacity 180 cc

                                                Methylated alcohol


    Minimum Radius:              2 mm (6 1/2 feet)



Take a closer look at the pilot model - click here

Assembly and Test Report by Markus Neeser - click here





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