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Great Northern “S2” 4-8-4

 No. 2584 - Glacier Park Green




The classic locomotive that pulled

The Empire Builder, Cascadian and Oriental Limited



No. 2584 - Glacier Park Green


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A video of Aster's GN S2 - built by Pat Darby

A video of Aster's GN S2 at Stapleton's Fall Steamup

A review of Aster's Great Northern S2 - Ross Schlabach


Specifications for Aster's Great Northern S2

Scale/Gauge: 1/32, Gauge One (45mm) 
Weight: 10.4 kg - Locomotive 7.5 kg + Tender 2.9 kg  (23 lbs)
Length: 981 mm (38.62 inches)
Width:  106 mm (4.17 inches)
Height: 156.5 mm (6.16 inches)
Cylinders: 2 x cylinders with functional drain valves
  cylinder bore 15 mm / piston stroke 23 mm
Drivers: dia. 61 mm
Pilot:  dia. 28 mm
Trailing Truck: dia. 35 mm
Valve Gear: Walschaerts type
Lubricator Roscoe displacement type
Feed Water Pump: Axle driven piston type, bore 5 mm / stroke 10 mm
Boiler: C-type with 5 smoke tubes 1 x 12.72 mm; 4 x 9.53 mm, Super heater pipe

Water Capacity:

670 ml @ 80% full
Working Pressure: 3.5 bar
Burner: Tube type – alcohol
Tender Fuel Tank capacity: 580 ml
Tender Water Tank capacity: 925 ml
Tender hand pump:  Bore 11 mm / stroke 12 mm
Tender Truck Wheels: 29 mm
Operating devices:  Regulator valve, blower valve, forward / reverse handle, boiler / water glass blow down valve, by pass valve, whistle valve, water level gauge, pressure gauge, 2 x safety valves, functional cylinder drain valves, tender water tank drain plug, and electric headlight.
Fuel: Methyl alcohol
Fuel Capaciity: 580 cc
Minimum Radius: 3 meter  (9.86 feet)

Prototype Information

During the spring of 1930, the Great Northern Railway received fourteen 4-8-4's from Baldwin Locomotive Works.  Designated to their S2 class, they were numbered 2575 through 2588.  Those assigned to the Great Northern Railway’s Montana division operated between Williston, North Dakota and Havre, Montana.  Others operated on the Spokane division between Spokane and Wenatchee, Washington.  One Great Northern S2, number 2584, still survives and is on display at the Havre, Montana depot.  Photographs by Ben Ringnalda, Great Northern Empire.




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