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JNR C57 "Noble Lady" 

This class of 4-6-2 Pacific style locomotive was built from 1937 to 1953 as an improvement on the earlier Class C55 locomotive. They featured Boxpok Drivers and a boiler pressure of approximately 235 lb/sq. inch.  They were popular with their crews since they could be managed and maintained by the somewhat smaller-stature of Japanese railway men.   A total of 201 of these elegant locomotives hauled the express trains on the main lines all over the JNR rail network. Because of their graceful proportions - a long, low-slung slender boiler and high drivers - they were affectionately nicknamed the "Noble Lady" and were known by this designation to rail fans the world over.  

Since 1979, a number of restored “Noble Ladies" have seen service on local lines in Japan, to the delight of steam railway fans, where they create a sensation for railroad enthusiasts, both young and old.  The C57's built for Taiwan in 1953 were the last steam locomotives manufactured by Hitachi, and Aster has modeled a locomotive from this class as it would have appeared during the period between 1937 and 1940.


Scale Gauge:  1/30/ 45 mm

Weight: 6.3 kg (engine 4.5 + tender 1.8 kg)


Length o.b:  683 mm

Height:  102 mm

Width:  133 mm


Wheel Arrangement:  4-6-2 Pacific

Diameter of Wheels:

Drivers:  58 mm Box Pok Type

Tender Wheels:  28 mm


Cylinders: 2 cylinders, Bore 13 mm x Stroke 20 mm

Valve gears:  Walschaert

Boiler Type:  Smoke Tube Type

Water Capacity:  299 cc

Pressure: 3 kg/cm


Fittings: 2 x Safety Valves, Regulator Valve, Blower Valve, Water Check Valve, Pressure Gauge, Water Gauge, By- Pass Valve

Feed Water Pump:  Axle Driven Pump mounted on the main driver. (bore t5 mm x ram stroke 6 mm)

Lubricator:  Roscoe displacement type


Tender Water Capacity:  450 cc with a hand operated pump mounted

Fuel Tank:  180 cc of Methylated alcohol

Minimum Radius:  2.5 meter

Coupler:  Open Jaw Knuckle Coupler






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