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JNR C62/2 (1978)

The JNR C62 4-6-4 type were the most famous of all JNR Steam locomotives.  Their design was based on the D51 type 2-8-2 locomotives, the most famous Japanese freight engines.  The Mikado 2-8-2 type, suitable for freight service, was adapted to a Hudson 4-6-4 suitable for Express passenger trains.  Their was a shift in policy following the World War II with priority given to passenger service over freight traffic.


The C62s worked Express passenger trains on JNR main lines  such as the old Tokaido (Tokyo-Osaka), Sanyo, etc. while the D51s worked mainly freight trains all over Japan.  The C62s with their large 1,750 mm (nearly 6 feet tall)  driving wheels, and their enormous length of 21.5 meters (70 1/2 feet) prompt proud memories of their service on the head end of the famous "Tsubame" (Swallows) Express on the Tokaido line - the last JNR Express passenger locomotives.




Scale, Gauge:  1/30 , 45 mm

Net Weight:  7.2 kg  (15.87 lbs)


Length:  726.5 mm (28.6 inches)

Width:  102 mm (4.02 inches)

Height:  132 mm (5.2 inches)


Wheel Arrangement: 2 C2 (English / American 4-6-4, F. 232) Hudson


Drivers:  Diameter 58 mm. box Center Drivers made of stainless steel, with ball bearings on axles and connecting rods.  Equalized spring action


Cylinders:  Twin Cylinders, Bore 15 mm x Stroke 20 mm


Valve Gears:  Walschaerts with Reversing Lever


Boiler Type:  Locomotive Type Boiler with 6 smoke tubes

Capacity: 400 ml


Fittings:  Safety Valve x 2, Regulator, Blower Valve, Check Valve, Pressure Gauge, Water Gauge, Whistle Valve, Whistle


Firebox Area:  Length 64 mm x Width 47 mm (2.5 inches x 1.85 inches)


Lubricator:  Axle Driven Mechanical Lubricator


Fuel: Charcoal


Tender Water Tank:  Capacity 800 ml


Feed Pumps: 

(1) Water Feed Pump (Cylinder bore 10 mm x Ram Stroke 16 mm) 

(2) Axle Driven Mechanical Pump (Bore 5 mm x Stroke 6 mm), By-Pass Valve






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