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JNR D51  No. 327

D51s were one of the most popular steam locomotives in Japan.  They served all over Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu both as freight and passenger locomotives.  A total of 1,115 D51 class locomotives were constructed.  First built in 1936, the D51s were categorized into three groups: the original type having its heater, steam dome and sand box encased in one stream lined dome; the standard type having its heater relocated to the front of the smoke stack for ease of maintenance; and the war period type.  Aster Model is D51 327, which was one of the standard types used in the northern part of Japan.   



Scale/Gauge:  1/30, 45 mm (back to back 40 mm)

Weight:  6.9 kg (Engine 5.0 kg + Tender 1.9 kg)



Length:  691.5 mm

Width:  102 mm

Height: 135.5. mm


Wheel Arrangement:  2-8-2 (141) Mikado.  All wheels sprung and equalized

Driving Wheels:  Diameter 45.5 mm Box-Pok type, made of stainless steel


Cylinders:  2 Cylinders (Bore 13 mm x Stroke 22 mm) made of phosper bronze

Valve Gears:  Walschaerts with screw reverser


Boiler Type:  Locomotive Type (1 x center fire tube, 3 x small fire tubes and 6 x water tubes)

Fittings: 2 x Safety Valves, Regulator (Throttle), Blower Valve, Pressure Gauge, Water Gauge, Blowdown Valve, Water Check Valve, Whistle Valve, and Super Heater

Capacity:  300 cc of water at 80% full

Pressure:  3.5 kg at normal working level



Fuel Tank:  Alcohol Tank Capacity 230 cc

Water Tank:  Capacity 350 cc of water with feed water hand pump installed

Burner:  3 Wick Tube Alcohol Burner


Lubricator:  Roscoe Displacement Type


Feed Water Hand Pump: Bore 10 mm x Ram Stroke 16 mm

Axle Driven Water Pump: Bore 5 mm x Ram Stroke 6 mm


Couplers:  Open Jaw Knuckle Couplers mounted. 





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