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Chapelon's NORD 231 E 22 (EX. 3.1192)

During 1932/33, the French Nord Railway carried out comparison evaluations of the running qualities of their third series of Super Pacific's with Pacific (4-6-2) type locomotives from the Paris Orlean, (PO) Railway and Mountain types (4-8-4) from the EST and Paris, Lyon and Mediterranean, (PLM) Railway.  The outstanding qualities of the PO Pacific was soon recognized and an order for twenty locomotives was placed and, after minor modifications were made, put into service on the NORD Railway.     

The locomotives quickly proved themselves in service, and in 1935/1936 additional orders were placed with private companies for construction of both locomotives and tenders; Ateliers de Construction du NORD de la France A.N.F., Blanc Misseron for the locomotives and Societe des Usines et Foundries de Baume et Marpent for the tenders.  The first eight locomotives, numbered 3.1191 through 3.1198, were developed in 1936.  This was followed by twenty others during the short period 1937/1938 bearing numbers 3.1111 through 3.1130.  These locomotives are fondly known as "Chapelon's NORD" to locomotive enthusiasts throughout the world and are rightly regarded as masterpieces of locomotive design.  

The prototype of the Aster model is preserved at the National Railway Museum in Mulhouse.  In the view above of Aster's SNCF Chapelon NORD is hauling a train of Orient Express Coaches made by J&M. 

A locomotive review on the Chapelon Nord by Geoff Spenceley 

is available in the reference section.




Scale:  1/32, No. 1 (45 mm)


Dimensions Length:  744 mm (Engine 427 mm, Tender 309 mm, Drawbar 18 mm)

Width:  96 mm

Height:  132 mm


Net Weight:  6.9 kg. (Engine 4.5 kg + Tender 2.4 kg.)


Wheel Arrangement:  231 (4-6-2) Pacific


Engine:  4 Cylinder Compound

Outside:  2 x High Pressure, Bore 10 mm x Stroke 20 mm

Inside:  2 x Low Pressure, Bore 13 mm x Stroke 20 mm

Pistons:  2 Rulon Piston Rings fitted on each


Valve Gear Outside:  Walschaert's with screw reverser

Inside:  Slip Eccentric


Boiler Type:  "C" Type (External) dia. 50.8 mm x Length 250 mm with 2 x Fire Tubes (Internal Dia. 15 mm)

Pressure: 4.5 kg.

Capacity:  250 cc of water at 70 ~ 80%full

Fittings:  2 x Safety Valves, Throttle Valve, Blower Valve, Pressure Gauge, Water Gauge, Check Valve, and Super Heater.


Axle Driven Pump:  Ram 5 mm x Stroke 5 mm, mounted on main driver's axle.


Burner:  Wick Tube Alcohol Burner


Lubricator:  Roscoe Displacement Type


Tender Water Tank:  Capacity 350 cc

Fuel Tank:  250 cc (Methylated Alcohol)

Water Pump:  Hand Operation Pump (Ram 10 mm x Stroke 16 mm)





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