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PHOTO GALLERY 11 (Page 4) 


International Small-Scale Live Steamup

January 11-13, 2002



Photographs by Carol Jobusch


Clack Valves and Cornets Steamband

Diamondhead, Mississippi


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A Tribute to Jerry Reshew    


Without the leadership of Jerry Reshew in developing the Diamondhead experience, the Gauge 1 small-scale live steam hobby would not be experiencing its current success and growth.  Jerry's attention to detail, thoughtful planning and gracious hospitality is largely responsible for this wonderful reunion of enthusiasts and friends.


Literally across the years and around the world, Diamondhead is known as the pilgrimage point for veterans and novices whose passion is miniature live steam trains. I find it wonderful that amidst the post holiday blues and the cold of midwinter, we have an annual gathering that is literally a warm spot of fun and fellowship, inspiration and encouragement. 


Whether our fuel of choice is alcohol, butane or coal, there is an ecumenical spirit of acceptance.  Friendships are established that span geography, culture and even language. At Diamondhead, we have an opportunity to put names with faces, see the latest locomotives, secure supplies and to simply enjoy being in each others company.


Thanks to you, Jerry, for not only initiating, but also for sustaining this annual celebration of all things steam.  The 10th Annual Small-Scale Steam Up was the greatest and grandest ever.  Diamondhead continues as the crown jewel of our hobby. 


Jim Pitts

Southern Steam Trains


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