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Photo Gallery 14

"Indian Summer Invitational Steam-Up"

October 5, 2002

A report by Ross Schlabach

Leaves have not turned yet at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and temperatures have remained near summer highs, but this did not deter five engineers from running some serious live steam operations at Hans & Pat Huwyler’s newly expanded layout in Columbus, NC. Hans’ layout has been increased from approximately 250 feet of double track mainline to 350 feet, and all the trackage experienced heavy usage throughout the weekend.


Aster engines were the featured attraction even though Ross Schlabach’s Accucraft C-16 Bumble Bee did make a cameo appearance. Hans’ Allegheny performed flawlessly in hauling its 24 car C&O coal train up the 1 percent ruling grade on the layout. This was quite a beautiful sight as the string of hoppers snaked smoothly through the two reverse curves on the layout. Hank Peacock brought his Daylight train which is also a treat for both eyes and ears as the GS-4 effortlessly handled his matching string of coaches.


Jim Pitts brought his Aster Mikado with Shawe coal conversion and despite protests that coal-firing is too much work, Han’s was seen repeatedly with coal shovel in hand keeping the steam up on that excellent model. This coal-fired engine was run on the point with Ross Schlabach’s RC equipped Southern Mike providing the speed control – bringing new meaning to the term “back-seat driver”. 


The Flying Scotsman LNER A3 made its inaugural photo appearance with an 11 car train built by Peter Comely.  Jerry Wrightenberry, who is building a Southern Mikado, spent the day being oriented to alcohol firing and techniques for installing RC in a small scale live steam locomotive. Later Saturday we added Hank’s  Mikado (also RC) to create a triple-header lash-up we called our “Poor Man’s Allegheny”. There wasn’t a train we couldn’t handle!  


All in all, it was a fine weekend with RC equipment on most engines adding to the enjoyment of running live steam. So much fun in fact that we estimate that the Allegheny  alone (plus its coal train) probably put in over 3 miles of track time in two days. Thanks again to Hans and Pat for hosting a great steam-up.  


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