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Photo Gallery 19

Thirty-four "Gauge 1" live steamers and observers from Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Ohio participated in the Southern Spring 2004 Steam Up. Aster USRA Light Mikados in black and Southern Green were in abundance. 

Passenger service varied from the Southern Crescent, JNR C62-2 “Swallow” to a Rishion “Pichi Richi” Coffee Pot.  A scheduled run of the Flying Scotsman with eleven custom coaches was curtailed by a spring shower.  Freight traffic featured double and triple headers.  An H-8 Allegheny hauled an seemingly endless string of hoppers.

Southern barbeque, sour dough buns, cole slaw, potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, pitchers of lemonade, soft drinks and iced tea were on the menu.  So, all in attendance along with the locomotives were fueled and refreshed. 

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