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2007 National Summer Steamup

July 18 - 22, 2007  Lions Gate at McClellan Park, Sacramento, California

The National Summer Steamup 2007 was hosted by Steam Events LLC, July 18-22, 2007 in Sacramento, California.  Celebrating their 10th anniversary and 5th year at the Lions Gate at McClellan Park, this year’s gathering attracted 106 live steamers. The majority (80) of registrants were from California, while 26 others came from Oregon (6), Canada (5), Florida (3), Nevada (2), South Carolina (2), Washington (2), Arkansas (1), Colorado (1), Mexico (1), Mississippi (1), Texas (1), and Utah (1).   

Dave Cole, Tony Dixon, Clark Lord, Jim McDavid, Bob Trabucco, Bill Turkel and Sonny Wizelman; the “magnificent seven” dressed in denim shirts were welcoming and prepared hosts. Their invitational warmth, collegial spirit and attention to detail create a first class and comfortable event.  Pat Dixon coordinates clothing memorabilia with Barbara Coley providing “on site” monogramming.   The organizers are continuing a tradition that Richard Finlayson initiated 11 years ago. It is hard to believe that the patriarch of this event is now only 44 years of age.  After seasons of wandering from Sunnyvale, Pleasanton and Freemont, CA, the National Summer Steamup has made their annual oasis at the Lions Gate at McClellan Park, Sacramento, for the past five years.    

NSS 2007 offered inspiration and orientation, instruction and supportive fellowship.  Many of the friendships established here continue to sustain us across the years and miles. It is truly a time for both introductions and reunions.   Over a thousand feet of track on five distinct layouts are available 18 hours daily (from 7 AM to 1 AM).  With track gauges of 45 mm and 32 mm, both mainline and narrow gauge locomotives are easily accommodated.  Tracks are in excellent condition and alignment thanks to Tom King’s track building and repair.  The largest system – Paso Robles – features 482 feet of track, 15 foot radius and two steamup bays.  Also, an impressive lift bridge has been constructed by Bob Trabucco to allow steamers access to the inner loop area without crawling under the track work.   

Clinics were offered on a variety of topics.  Jim Gabelich presented “Hints and Kinks on Radio Control.”  Richard Finlayson traced his steam sojourn from small scale to ride on live steam in his “A Walk Around the Live Steam Block.”  For hands on designer and dreamers; Mike Martin, demonstrated a “CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing) and the Live Steamer.”  Marc Horovitz ‘s PowerPoint presentation was an “Introduction to Live Steam Locomotives.”  His review of small scale live steam classic engines was a reminder of how far we have come and on operating techniques all should know.   

Displays were presented by Accucraft Company, California and Oregon Coast Railway, and Sunset Valley.  Aster’s forthcoming BR-9F ‘Evening Star’ and the Great Northern S2 were the subjects of informal conversation.  An informal report on G1MRA’s 60th anniversary celebration in the UK was offered by Chris Coley and David Leech.  As our idyllic days in Sacramento were concluding, we learned of the floods in the UK.  While bathed in sunshine and gentle breeze, we were grieved to learn of the hardship and difficulty being experienced by our friends and colleagues across the pond.  

Come Saturday, the “Shay Up” begins the evening festivities.  This year, while a new record was not established for “The Wizelman Book of World Records,” 18 shays steamed up and made three consecutive loops around the Paso Robles track.  The record set in 2007 Diamondhead of a 29, 30 or 31 (depending on who you ask) shay parade still holds first place.  Following the Shay Up, the 100 plus registrants gathered for a “California” Barbeque in the evening shade of the Lions Gate Pavilion.  The crowd was then drawn back into the Grand Ballroom for a track side door prize drawing.  Streaming continued until 1 AM and then resumed on Sunday morning.

The last train running was an Aster NKP Berkshire operated by Howard Freed.  Tracks were then closed and the breakdown began. Steaming in Sacramento at the Small Scale National Summer Steamup will return July 16 – 20, 2008.  Details on 2008 are posted on their website: http://www.summersteamup.com



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