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Photo Gallery 31

Howard Freed's Photographic Report

A visit to Aster Hobby Company, Yokohama, Japan

During the summer of 2008, I had the opportunity to visit the Aster Hobby Company.  It was a most enjoyable and inspiring opportunity to see first hand the place and meet the people who manufacture the Gauge 1 locomotives that we treasure. 



Getting there was a first class experience on the "bullet train."  Upon arriving, I was warmly welcome by the staff. 

A source of visual delight is seeing the complete collection of Aster locomotives,  including a steam boat! 

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Up on the roof top is Aster's test track.  The takes live steam to a higher level!

Down below the brains of Aster, where the locomotives are designed.

Appreciation  is expressed to Howard Freed and to Aster Hobby Co., Japan for allowing us to post these pictures

on the Southern Steam Trains website. 




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