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Photo Gallery 36 - Page 1

California Steamups

photos by Rick Parker

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Jim Gabelich's Layout

Living in a suburb of Los Angeles County, real estate is a premium so lots tend to be small. Trying to find a space large enough for a track was challenging.  

The first track was at ground level with a few buildings on the straights representing a mining town in the 1890’s.  It has a small radius of 2 ft and steep grades up to 4% to get any length. 

The second track was an elevated wooden track 15 by 24 feet with 2 loops of 45mm and one inside loop of 32 mm. Better but still not able to take trains requiring a 3 meter radius or able to run long trains.   

In order to get a larger track I had to utilize another portion of the property in the front yard.  To create privacy from the street view, I made a “garden room”.  I planted bushes along the streets and was able to get an area large enough to enclose a track of 21 X 60 feet. With the help of Rick Parker, John Polen, Jim O’Hearn , and Brian Beckham; we installed an Eaglewings portable track on the site.

When finally finished, it will have dual tracks with multiple passing sidings and a double cross over on a road bed.  Since the picture was taken, the bushes have grown to a height of 3 ft above the highest end of the track effectively hiding it from street view.  - Jim Gabelich

Mark Kelly's Layout

Mark Kelly’s (around his pool) railroad in La Verne, California has dual 45mm track that is 120 feet in length with 11 foot radius curves.


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