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Photo Gallery 36 - Page 3

California Steamups


photos by Rick Parker

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Sonny Wizelman's Layout


My railroad was built in 1992. The oval is 160' with 9' radius curves. The track and turn outs are Llagas Creek and the have stood up to the elelments and especially Reyes (the gardener) and his henchmen. The rail is all tied together with rail clamps. The bridge is set up when we have a steam up as the curved section that goes around the steps is too tight for anything over 4 fixed wheels. The bridge is made of Swedish ply wood that does not warp. It is only temporary, and put up only for steam ups, as it blocks the steps. There is also a space in the planter wall for a truss bridge. It only goes up for steam ups as the weather and the sprinklers take their toll on it.


The house was built in 1938. The builder did a lot of the hard scape in used brick. In the mid 70s the pool was added and it was trimmed in used brick as well. In order to maintain the look of the yard, we did the road bed in used brick. The rear straight section is the lowest step to the pool. The high wall that is in front of the pool dressing room was there as well and it was also brick. I had a brick layer add the curved sections at either end, the planter around the roses and build the step and the wall to a level height with the rest of the road bed. The base for the brick is cement with rebar. It is pretty much low maintenance. I do have to trim the plants back if they are growing over the track and replace ties from time to time or fix a switch stand that the gardener takes out. It is also electrified for the grand kids to run the electric train on. - Sonny Wizelman




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