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Photo Gallery 41


National Summer Steam Up

Sacramento, CA


photos by

Rick Parker


The 2010 National Summer Steam Up was the 15th year for this event and had 134 steamers attend.  Attendees came from Canada and 13 states. In addition to the steamers an additional 100 plus people came as guests. These are spouses, children and anyone interested in seeing what the steam up is like. 

This year the Steam Events team provides 3 large tracks with 7 loops. Two loops were dual gauge 45 and 32 mm and 5 were 45 mm. In addition, there was another smaller track with 2 additional 45 mm loops. Therefore, everyone had enough track time.   

Continuing National Summer Steam Up traditions were the annual shay up which is a lot of laughs.  Saturday night featured a BBQ out on the patio. The weather was warm and everyone stayed to talk and enjoy the fellowship after dinner. We followed the BBQ with our door prize drawing.   

2010 was the National Summer Steam Up’s 8th year at the Lions Gate Hotel. The venue fits everyone’s needs with a large, well lit, air conditioned room in which to run the trains. In the same building we have the dealer room and a room for the seminars. The building is free standing and not directly connected to the hotel so we do not bother anyone and no one bothers us.   

The 16th National Summer Steam Up will be held from Wed. July 13, 2011, starting at 6 pm until Sunday July 17 at noon at the Lions Gate Hotel.  We hope you will make plans to attend.  For additional information visit our website - www.summersteamup.com 

 -   Sonny Wizelman, Steam Events, LLC


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G1MRA Members at 2010 National Summer Steamup, Sacramento, CA.  July 17, 2010


The 2010 NSS Shay Up included 18 Shays on July 17, 2010 in Sacramento, CA  


Appreciation is expressed to Rick Parker  for sharing his photographs for posting to the Southern Steam Trains website.  Also, our thanks to the Steam Events LLC Team of Dave Cole, Tony Dixon, Clark Lord, Jim McDavid, Bob Trabucco, Bill Turkel,  and Sony Wizelman who coordinate the National Summer Steam Up. 


Click here for information on the 2011 National Summer Steam Up, July 13 - 17, 2011




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