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Photo Gallery 45

Southern California Steamups 2010-2011

photos by Rick Parker

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Southern California steamup at Jim Gabelich's residence

in Palos Verdes Estates, California.

Jim has two layouts including a north dog bone oval that is 60 feet in length with 10.5 foot radius curves. The platform is a semi-permanent elevated track, 6” high on one end and 44” high on the other end due to the sloping ground. This oval has double 45mm track with steam up bay sidings on each long side and also includes a diamond cross-over. On the south side of Jim’s house is an elevated oval with dual 45mm tracks and a single 32mm track, both with steaming bays. There is also a second single lower 45 mm track with grades, bridges and a tunnel.

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Southern California Steamup at Eric Strauss’ residence in Sherman Oaks, California.

Eric’s railroad is a raised dual loop system built upon a structure made of 2"x 6" wooden frames which are bolted together and supported on 4" x 4" posts. This raised framework in turn supports the track platform made of 5/16" thick Hardipanel concrete composite board. Although the entire line is nearly dead level, because of sloping terrain, the height of the railroad above grade varies from about 26" to 46". The earth in the area is very hard because of a very high clay content so the support posts do not go into the ground but instead are strap-mounted to precast concrete footers simply resting on a thin sand layer at ground level. The track is Llagas Creek nickel silver code 250 rail in their "narrow gauge" tie strips. Altogether, there are fourteen #6 turnouts including the three crossovers and six "yard" tracks for steaming up with lengths from 16 ft. to over 26 ft. The outside loop is 186 ft. long with a minimum radius of 8 ft. The inside loop is about 181 ft. long with a minimum radius of 7 ft.- 4". Access to the inside (running) area is provided by a hinged, counter-balanced, 4 ft. lift-bridge with it's closed (down) position magnetically held.

The October 2010 Southern California Steam up at Bill Turkel’s residence in Upland, California was dedicated to the memory of Ron Brown, editor of “Steam In The Garden” magazine who passed away October 3, 2010. Bill has an elevated oval layout that has dual 45mm tracks with large radius curves and steaming sidings. The models shown here are all working live steam locomotives and many were in motion when the photos were taken.


Appreciation is expressed to Rick Parker  for sharing his photographs for posting to the Southern Steam Trains website.



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