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Photos by Jim Pitts

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The next generation is now arriving! 

Among the joys of attending the International Steamup in Diamondhead, MS, is the opportunity to visit with old friends.  It is a time of reunion as we celebrate the joys of boiling water and running small scale live steam locomotives.   

The relationships formed are a source of instruction and inspiration.  In our hobby, we soon realize that owning a locomotive is only the first step.  Like with a musical instrument, knowledge and practice is required.   

My coach this year in the art of coal firing was Jack Shawe, age 12.  This new friend, accompanied by his father, John Shaw, was delivering a locomotive (named “Coal Town”) destined to be a gift for my grandson, Colton.  Since 1988, Shawe Steam Services in the UK has been the preferred source for coal fired conversions of Aster and Roundhouse engines.  

Jack Shawe’s trip to the US was a “vocational shadowing” real world extension for this 7th graders. He explains that this is a natural part of his life. He has hands on modeling experience and machining skills in crafting cylinders and cranks, axles and frames, blowers and other components in modeling engineering.   

Jack enjoys both making and running live steam locomotives.  While orienting me to “Coal Town”, I asked if others young people should be encouraged to do it?  He thoughtfully replied, “Yes, only if they enjoy it!”  Definitely, he does!  

Jack’s exposure to the steam scene began early.  His dad, in addition to Shawe Steam Services, serves as a fireman on the UK mainline, as well as driver or engineer on the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways.  Jack’s grandfather was also a UK railway man. So this hand’s on love of steam trains continue from generation to generation.     

Young Jack Shawe refreshed my enthusiasm for live steam and the joy of boiling water in a hobby that embraces generations and spans the pond (ie, the Atlantic Ocean).


Diamondhead 2012 International Live Steam Up


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Diamondhead 2012  - Andrew Finegan


Diamondhead 2012 - Scott E. McDonald


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