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This is the sunrise morning we anticipated.  However, our Saturday Spring Steam Up was unseasonably cold, windy and concluded in the rain.  Yet overall, a good time was had by all.  Over thirty enthusiasts from Georgia, North and South Carolina were in attendance.  Many are members of the Piedmont Garden Railway Society.  All braved the elements to let off steam, watch the trains roll, and enjoy genuine Southern hospitality. 

This pictorial report provides an overview of people, locomotives and rolling stock.  For further information on our elevated track, visit our reference page Elevated Track System using Trex.

Grateful for the enthusiastic leadership provided by our train crew: Jon Walker Pitts, Griffin Price, and Wyatt Spearman.  The coming generation has now arrived!  These young men underscore that our future forecast is bright and sunny.


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Video by Malcolm Schaeffer

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Southern Steam Trains LLC expresses its appreciation to our train crew who served as enthusiastic hosts and to the Piedmont Garden Railway Society for their sponsorship of the Southern Spring 2013 Steam Up.   Photos by Jim Sheppard, Jack Varadi and Jim Pitts.



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