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Photo Gallery 55


The Sheehan Inaugural Steam Up

Indian Harbor Beach, Florida June 22, 2013



Photos courtesy of Judy Sheehan, Bill Heink and John Tribe.


Some of the happy steamers and their ladies


Overall view complete with commemorative glass


An Invitation...

After all the years of sponging off my steam friends and acquaintances, the Sheehans' backyard railroad is finally ready for the Inaugural Steam-up and Payback. 

No brag, just fact: it turned out WAY better than I thought it would before I actually got started building it; big sweeping curves (10 and 11 foot radius) dodging around the oak trees, large radius turnouts to match, both stand-up and sit-down sidings/steam-up areas----I'm pretty pleased. 

Depending on the time of day, at least half of the layout is heavily shaded by the aforementioned oak trees and what isn't shaded will be tented.  And best of all, at least my trains run nicely on it!

Jerry Sheehan


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Southern Steam Trains celebrates with Jerry Sheehan the completion of his elevated track system.  As is obvious, a good  time was had by all who enjoyed this inaugural steam up in the sunshine state!   As illustrated in the picture above, only "Ruby"-  the puppy -  was not impressed  and is obviously distressed that she was not the center of attention.




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