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National Summer Steam Up 2013 - Sacramento, CA


Photos by Rick Parker




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The 2013 National Summer Steamup was the 18th year for this event (11th at the Lions Gate Hotel) and had 130 steamers attend. Of the steamers attending, CA=105, NV=5, WA=4, Canada=3, NJ=3, CO=3, OR=2, UT=1, AR=1, AZ=1, LA=1, and NY=1. In addition to the steamers, an additional 84+ people came as guests. These were spouses, children and anyone interested in seeing what the Steamup is like.  

This year the Steamup venue was moved from the hanger we used last year to the McClellan Conference Center. The Steam Events team provided four large tracks with nine loops. Two loops were dual gauge 45 and 32 mm and seven were 45 mm. In addition, there were three smaller tracks each with two 45 mm loops. There was plenty of room and everyone had enough track time.  

The Conference Center also included a dealer room and a separate room for the clinics & seminars that were presented daily. Saturday night featured a great BBQ with all the fixns, followed by the presentation of the annual Ron Brown Memorial Steamup Enthusiasm Award. This year it was presented to second-generation model railroader Glen Simpson. Then came the door prize drawings which were lots of fun.  

Next year's 19th National Summer Steamup will again be held at the Lions Gate McClellan Conference Center from Wednesday July 16, 2014, starting at 6 pm through Sunday July 20th. We hope you will make plans to attend. For additional information visit the Steam Events website - www.summersteamup.com



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