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Photo Gallery 58 - Page 1 - Photos by Jim Pitts


2014 is history. It was a great week and all of you made it happen. Thanks for coming to the Deep South in warmer weather and having so much fun running live steam locomotives and steam boats. There were also a few airplanes seen flying around and even a live diesel locomotive. The feeling of camaraderie was palpable. 

This year we enjoyed the use of Terry Smelser’s new track which made a total of 4 tracks to run on. Hopefully by next year we will have a fifth track around the Jacuzzi pool, although there was plenty of track space on which to run. 

Bruce Gathman ran a successful Flea Market with the help of a few volunteers and he’ll be doing it again in 2015. Jerry’s Silent Auction had some action, however, due to the location he did not have much traffic. Next year we will move him to the Atrium. 

The number of attendees seems to have leveled out to around 150 with about 50 spouses/girlfriends; we had a total of around 200 people. This makes for more time and room for steaming on the 4 tracks. From the comments I received, everyone was pleased with the layouts and extra time to run trains. 

The excursions to the French Quarter and to see engine 745 under steam went quite well. There were around 15 people visiting the French Quarter and around 50 people at engine 745. Those who visited 745 got to enjoy some souvenir shopping and a live Cajun Band. Quite a few people told me that they got to check off another item on their “Bucket List” after pulling the throttle on engine 745. 

The seminar speakers were absolutely superb, however we had to postpone a few due to the excursions on Thursday, the O-scale breakfast and a family illness. Those seminars will be rescheduled for next year. Many thanks to Doug Joslyn, Jeff Young, Russ Jones, Justin Koch, Gerald Pierce and Dan Rowe for excellent and well attended seminars. 

The statistics for the Steamup are always of interest, so here they are: We used 50 quarts of alcohol, 96 cans of Butane, 3 cans of Sterno and 55 gallons of distilled water. The Arkansas contingent donated a 5 gallon bucket of coal which was appreciated. 

Our registrants came from 32 states and 4 foreign countries as follows: Florida-15, Texas-14, California-9, Louisiana-8 Georgia-7, Mississippi-6, New Jersey-6, Pennsylvania-6, Maryland-6, South Carolina-5, Michigan-5, Washington, New York, Missouri, Indiana, North Carolina, Arkansas each-3, Kansas, Alabama, Colorado each-2, Utah, Vermont, Iowa, Nevada, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Virginia, Arizona, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio each-1. Great Britain-2, Canada-7, Trinidad-1,China-3. 

Many door prizes were handed out daily and thanks to Bob Moser (North Jersey Gauge One), Mark Johnson (Silver State Trains) and Richard Jacobs (Trainmax) for their donations. The grand prize of an Accucraft Ruby (Ida) was won by Jim Crabb. 

The registration regulars headed by Valerie Nichols kept everything organized and hopefully will return next year. Many thanks to Valerie’s able assistants: Ginny Morris, Emily Kaldestad, Lisa Holtorf, Jerra Matticks, and Mary Weltyk. My apologies if I left anyone out. We missed a few volunteer ladies due to illness and we hope they can return next year. Congratulations to all attendees for a great steam up and hopefully we will see everyone back next year.

Jerry Reshew, founder of the International Small Scale Steamup, celebrates a continuing tradition now in its 21st year, now coordinated by Pat Darby, Richard Jacobs, and Terry Smelser.

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