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Report by Pat Darby

Photo Album by

Bob Weltyk

A Report and Review by Pat Darby


Well, 2015 is history. It was a great week and all of you made it happen. Thanks for coming to the Deep South in (slightly) warmer weather and enjoying a good time, good food and great steaming. Meeting old friends and new plays a large part in the Diamondhead experience. 

This year we enjoyed the use of Richard Jacobs’ triple gauge track around the Jacuzzi pool, including a new HO gauge track. It was well received and used frequently. Terry Smelser also had his track set up like last year and it was well used. 

Bruce and Mary Rose Gathman ran a successful flea market with the help of a few volunteers and the action was brisk as many items changed hands. Bruce promises to “do it again” next year. Jerry’s silent auction was right next to the flea market and did not have the action that had been expected. Close proximity to the flea market may have attracted away some silent auction bidders. 

This year attendance was a little lower than last year, about 131 actually showed up to steam out of a total of 150 registered. There were about 10 walk-ins who just wanted to watch for a day and 50 spouses also added to the crowd. 

The excursion to Wales West was slightly wet, but those who went had a very enjoyable train ride and lunch served by Ann Zadnichek, wife of the owner. Richard promises another interesting and exciting excursion next year. Stay tuned for the announcement. 

We only had two seminars this year due to some sickness and unexpected engagements, but we would like to thank Jerry Reshew and Steve Baker for their interesting and informative presentations. Both seminars were well attended. Next year it looks like we will have a full set of seminars. 

The “O” scale breakfast was a huge success. This breakfast has morphed into an “open” breakfast for everyone and we had an overflow attendance at Rouses’ dining room. Peter Foley filled in for Ken Matticks with a short, but upbeat speech on the status of “O” scale. 

Unfortunately Carol and Peter Jobush could not be with us this year due to illness. We do appreciate the loan of their video projector for the presentations and movie. Thanks to Scott McDonald for bringing it to Diamondhead. 

Since Carol is our “Official” photographer and could not be here this year, Jerry came to the rescue and enlisted the help of a local school teacher and photographer (Keene Golding) for the group photo and G1MRA photo.  

Door prizes were handed out starting Tuesday thru Friday and thanks to Bob Moser, Mark Johnson and Steam in the Garden for their kind and generous donations.

The registration ladies were shorthanded again this year due to illness, but they did a fine job keeping everything organized. Thanks to Ginny Morris, Cindy Smelser, Carol Krutzke and Mary Weltyk for handling the surge at registration time. My apologies if I’ve left anyone out. 

A strange thing happened this year at the flea market. David Hamilton put a plastic tool tray up for sale for $1.00. Someone who will remain nameless placed a sign on it “Donate to help David pay his way home”. Well wouldn’t you know it, coins began appearing in the tray and then paper money appeared. Not to worry, David has promised to donate the cash to the Children’s Hospital jar at Dairy Queen. Yes, David has money to get back to Canada! 

The statistics for the steamup are always of interest:

·       46 quarts of Alcohol

·       100 cans of Butane

·       1 box of fuel pellets

·       99 gallons of distilled water. Those big engines get thirsty!

·       Unknown amount of coal, but the coal smoke in the Atrium attested to a goodly     amount of coal used. 

Our registrants came from 32 states and 4 foreign countries as follows:

Florida-23; Texas-12; Georgia-8; California, New Jersey, Michigan each 6; Louisiana, Mississippi each 5; Washington-4; Missouri, Indiana, Colorado, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York each-3; Alabama, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio-each 2; Iowa, Utah, Nevada, Kentucky, Arizona, Illinois, North Carolina, Vermont- each 1.

United Kingdom-2




Here are the drawbar results as posted by Bob Pope on Mylargescale.com. Many thanks to Bob for taking the time to run the contest and compile all the results. 

Class lb oz - Name - Engine - Award

1-axle 0 3.6 Peter Kaishian Midwest 2-2-0 Trophy

2-axle 4 9.2 David Frediani Accucraft Emma Trophy

2-axle 3 4.6 John Riley Tich 0-4-0

2-axle 3 2 Peter Kaishian Herget American 4-4-0

2-axle 2 3 Peter Kaishian No. 9 American 4-4-0

2-axle 1 3 Steven Janus Argyle Bantam

2-axle geared 4 5.6 Bill Boyle Uber Willi 0-4-0 Trophy

2-axle geared 1 12.8 Jim Sanders Betsy 0-4-0

3-axle 4 0 Steven Janus Pearse Colorado 2-6-0 Trophy

3-axle 3 3.3 Peter Kaishian Accucraft Mason Bogie 2-6-6

3-axle 3 0.3 Christopher Bisset Accucraft Mogul 2-6-0

3-axle 2 0.5 Steven Janus Roundhouse Liberty Bell 2-6-2

4-axle 7 8.4 Chris Sortina Accucraft K-27 Trophy

4-axle 6 5 Richard Jacobs Accucraft K-36

4-axle geared 7 3.6 Mark Johnson Accucraft 28 ton Shay Trophy

4-axle geared 6 15 Peter Kaishian Herget 2 Cylinder Shay

5-axle 5 0.9 Rod Blakeman Wuhu QJ 2-10-2 Trophy

6-axle geared 4 8 John Tribe Aster Climax Shay Trophy

Electric 1 11.5 Will Lindley Boxcab 0-4-0 Trophy

Special 2 5 Bill Payne Steam Dragon Trophy 

Congratulations and thanks to all attendees for a great steamup and hopefully we will see everyone back next year. We already have almost 40 registered for next year.



Photo Album by Tom Myers

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video album of Diamondhead 2015

by Bob Weltyk


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Southern Steam Trains thanks Bob Weltyk and Tom Myers

for sharing their video photo albums

 and to

Pat Darby and crew for hosting and his review of DH 2015

 for posting on our website.


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