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G1MRA US Southern







G1MRA Southern Group Steam Up

June 5 and 6, 2015

Photos by Jim Sheppard

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Genuine “southern hospitality” was experienced by 50 plus live steamers, enthusiasts and spectators at the G1MRA US Southern Group gathering, June 5 & 6, 2015.  Held in conjunction with a regional NMRA convention, the steam up offered a gauge 1 showcase for modelers in smaller scales to move out of the basement and indoor train room into the sunlight of real steam.   

Meeting trackside at Southern Steam Trains in Travelers Rest, locomotives and consists of passenger and freight cars navigated an elevated track system of approximately 174 feet with a 10 ½ foot minimum radius.  In anticipation, the roadbed and rails were tuned for smooth and safe running.  

Each morning as locomotive fires were being lit and water boiled, a Brandbright Resilent Diesel (battery powered) checked the right of way and honored Richard Longley’s  (Brandbright UK) retirement.  Up and running then were a broad spectrum of trains, literally representing the world railways and manufacturers such as Accucraft, Aster, Reigner, Roundhouse, and personally crafted home shop built locomotives.  

Fueling a spirit of conviviality in the summer sun was an abundance of snacks and soft drinks, iced coffee and lots of bottled water.  The gathering was truly a reunion offering affirmation, inquiry into how locomotives are assembled and serviced.  The welcome was extended to visitors, some of whom were viewing for the first time steam in the garden.  All of our guests as they returned home to Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina found inspiration and encouragement for their endeavors.  

Appreciation is expressed to Jim Sheppard, who served as our official photographer; Geoff Humphries, who supplied the US and UK flags. Barry Robertson, retired British Railway engineer and who resides in Favershan, Kent, England provided a full size perspective on the romance and realties of railroading. Steve Baker continues as G1MRA US Southern Group’s “chairman for life” committed to simplicity in administration (no rules and no dues) …other than membership in G1MRA UK.   

For the evening benediction on Saturday after the crowds dispersed, a Rishion “Pichi Richi” Coffee Pot built by Paul Trevaskas in Australia, navigated the right of way to to confirm no strangers were left behind.  All in attendance, who literally were “south of somewhere” were on their way home.








Malcolm Schaeffer's You Tube Video

G1MRA US Southern -  2015 Steam Up

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Appreciation is expressed to Jim Sheppard

for serving as the "Official Photographer". 

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