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Shay Geared Class B - 2 Truck



The Geared Logging Locomotive was born of a growing and all-the year round need for timber in the 1870's.  Ephraim Shay invented the geared locomotive with a vertical engine, since ordinary steam locomotives were incapable of running on rough and crooked tracks in mountainous areas.  The Shay was the first geared logging engine and became the most popular form of haulage during the 1880ís.  Due to the use of powered trucks, moving at a very slow speed, the Shay could easily negotiate rough track, sharp curves, and steep grades.  Shay Geared Locomotives continued in use well into the age of Diesels.  The prototype of this Aster model Shay replicates a Lima-built locomotive working on the Alishan Railroad in Taiwan.



Scale, Gauge:  1.22.5, 45 mm


Net Weight:  3.4 kg


Length:  435 mm

Width: 97 mm

Height:  143 mm


Wheel Arrangement:  BB (0-4-0 + 0-4-0)

Drivers:  Diameter 30 mm


Gear Ratio:  2:1

Valve Gear:  Stephenson Type

Cylinders:  Three Vertical Cylinders, Bore 8.5 mm x Stroke 10 mm


Boiler Type:  Pot Type Boiler (cased)

Capacity:  140 ml.

Fittings:  Safety Valves x 2, Regulator, Blower Valve, Check Valve, Pressure Gauge, Water Gauge


Lubricator:  Roscoe Displacement Type

Fuel:  Methylated Alcohol

Burner:  Alcohol Burner with Three Wick Tubes

Fuel Tank:  Capacity 75 ml


Water Tank Capacity:  160 ml.

Pump:  Water Feed Hand Pump, Bore 10 mm x Ram Stroke 16 mm


Photo by Mike Leppan, Cape Town. South Africa





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