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Southern Railway


Mikado 4501


The Southern Railway green Mikado was born out of the nostalgia and romance of the magnificent steam locomotives of the past.  The most famous Southern locomotives were the PS 4 class 4-6-2 Pacifics.  These locomotives pulled the famous Crescent Limited and other passenger trains.


In 1926,  President Fairfax Harrison visited England and was greatly impressed by the beautiful apple green and gold trimmed locomotives of the London & North Eastern Railway.  Upon his return, he made arrangements for the 1926 group of PS4 Pacifics to be painted in "Virginia Green" rather than the traditional black.  These green locomotives were lined and lettered in gold leaf! The paint scheme was so well like, that eventually, all Southern passenger locomotives were painted in this manner including 4-4-0's & 4-8-2's until the end of steam.


One PS4 #1401, survives in the Smithsonian's Museum of American History in Washington, DC. In 1966, the Southern began running steam locomotives in excursion service.  The first one was Mikado #4501, built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works, which was painted in the famous green and gold livery of the Southern steam powered passenger fleet. 




Scale/Gauge  1/32, No. 1 (45 mm) Gauge

Weight  7.5 kg. (16 pounds)


Length - 770 mm (30 inches) (Engine 454 mm + Tender 304 mm)

            Width 102 mm (4 1/10 inches)

            Height 164.8 mm (6 inches)

Wheel Arrangements  2-8-2 Mikado

Driving Wheel  Dia. 50 mm  (Eccentric Cam for axle pump mounted)

Pilot Truck Wheel  Dia. 26 mm

Trailer Truck Wheel  Dia. 34 mm

Tender Wheel  Dia. 28 mm

Axle Driven Water Pump  Mounted on Main Drivers' Axle 

(Pump Ram 5 mm x stroke 5 mm.) 

Engine  Two Cylinders with D-Slide Valve 

(Bore 13 mm x Stroke 20 mm)

Valve Gear  Walschaert's , Valve Travel 6 mm, Cut-Off 75%

Boiler Type  Smoke Tube Boiler

Water Capacity  400 cc at 70% full  

Working Pressure 3-4 kg/cm

Fittings  Regulator Valve, Blower valve, Check Valve, Gauge Glass, Pressure Gauge

Burner Wick  Fiber Glass Wicks

Alcohol Tank  200 cc.

Water Tank  340 cc (80% full, Hand Pump Monted) 8 mm x stroke 12 mm  

Minimum Radius  2.0 m  (6 feet) dia. 4 m (13 feet) 




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